The decision…

Deciding the order of my first adventures has been so much more difficult than I thought! I look at my list and see so many activities I would LOVE to do, and am excited to try, but my saboteurs are out in full force making me feel like I can’t do this, I won’t see it through, I’m not capable – it’s amazing how much self-doubt we can muster up when we want to try something new!

And then, as great as the fear to DO IT is, the fear to NOT DO IT is even greater. I mean, at the end of the day this new journey, my new life, has to start somewhere and this break-up has to mean something more than a broken heart.  I’m listening to the most incredible book for the second time right now (PS: audiobooks rock my world!!) – “Getting Past Your Breakup – How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing that Ever Happened to You”. by Susan J. Elliott.  Elliott has so much insight into the rocky road we navigate after our break-ups, and offers an incredible wealth of amazing advice to her readers.  Not only does she have this awesome book to help guide the wounded souls in the world, but it all started with her blog Getting Past Your Breakup.

That’s where this blog idea stemmed from…she recommends getting out there, meeting new people, trying new things and above all, getting back to YOU. Every time I get scared, or nervous or feel weak, I just remind myself that I really want the end of my marriage to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m far from there, not even close, but if this horrible thing can be turned into something positive, I’m totally game.

Best news – weeks one through three of Operation: Passion have been figured out! I’ll be doing my first activity on Monday…hint: it’s a sport that requires safety gear!

In the beginning…

Getting through the break-up of a marriage is always difficult, but when your partner has moved on with someone new, the pain seems to consume your whole being.  With my sights set on self-love, personal growth, spiritual fulfillment and the discovery of who I really am, I have decided to start this blog.  Operation: Passion is exactly what it reads – my mission to uncover things I love, can be passionate about, and submerse myself in, while I grieve the loss of my marriage. Starting on June 1, 2015, I will check one activity/adventure/craft/sport off my list of 52 every week, and document through photos and words what I loved (and didn’t love!) about it! Along the way I hope to uncover my life’s true passion, and heal from the worst pain I’ve ever known. Check back in next week for my first post – I’ll give you a hint…it’s going to be awesome!Checklist