Strawberry fields forever…

So holidays really suck when you’re going through a break-up…from the big ones like birthdays, to the random ones like Canada Day, these days are reminders that we’re alone – or at least we feel that way. The times of making plans as a couple have come to an end, and you’re left to fend for yourself in a way, while all your friends who are still happily coupled are keeping themselves busy.. It’s a hard new reality, and one that I’ve definitely not gotten used to yet. As Canada Day marks the beginning of July, the summer weeks almost feel like they’re looming over me, because there’s so much fun to be had, and so many days to be spent outdoors, but I feel like I’ve got nothing really going on. I guess this is when I get to really get adventurous with my weekly challenges, and stop painting and priming houses lol!

There were so many activities that I used to do with my ex that I feared I wouldn’t be able to get out and do now that we’re separated, but I was lucky enough to do one of them with my great friend over the past week 🙂 I’m doing my adventure for the week tomorrow night, but tonight I’ll post some pictures of our strawberry picking adventures. We took a drive through the country, hit up a favourite old farm, and got our hay-filled tractor ride, strawberry field picking game on (with Starbucks in tow!)…


Then washed, cut and baked the heck out of the fresh strawberries…


The final product wasn’t quite the masterpiece we’d hoped for lol. We mixed some store bought icing with a homemade strawberry coulis and it lent itself to a runnier icing…hence the frowny face…


All told, it tasted pretty good and the strawberries were FABULOUS…nothing like local produce to brighten up your plate! Oh, and did I mention it was gluten free?!


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