Week 9 – CAMPING!!!!

Activity: Go camping with the ladies

Where: Knights Beach Resort in Dunnsville, ON

Cost: $60 per night over the Civic Holiday Long Weekend

The Story:  Okay, so I’ll start by saying that I don’t really feel like car camping is “real” camping, but that opinion may be a direct reflection of how my ex felt about it. I have been on numerous car camping adventures in the past, and many portaging ones as well, but the one thing I realized while deciding on this week’s activity is that I’ve never camped without a guy being there! After coming to this realization, and chatting with my two partners-in-crime for the weekend who also had never done an all girls camping trip, we decided we could totally do this!!

So one of the scariest adventures on my list is a solo camping trip in the interior of Algonquin Park, but I’ve slotted that as one of my last adventure’s because I really think I’ll need to work up to it. In the meantime, I decided to take baby steps this weekend and hit up a camping resort, which was basically the equivalent of camping in a parking lot with every amenity you could imagine at your finger tips lol. There were still some awesome adventures though, so let’s start from day 1.

My friend and I rolled into the campgrounds around 1pm on a holiday Saturday and were met by hundreds of people camping on every flat surface this campground had to offer. In truth, we’re pretty sure they oversold their sites because we LITERALLY got a “campsite” on a grassy patch that is one of the seasonal trailer owners parking spots lol. They had to move their car so we could pitch our tent. My initial annoyance wore off though, and we decided that this kind of randomness would make things even more fun. We quickly got to work pitching our tent, and within about 5 minutes of having it set up, this happened:

Camping 1

Not even kidding we sat in the car for over an hour waiting out the storm, but then the skies completely cleared up so we got into our bathing suits, and hit up the beach which was really the #1 reason we had chosen this campground – it’s right on Lake Erie and the swimming and sunning is spectacular. This is what the afternoon looked like:

Camping 3 Camping 2

So things were definitely looking up at this point, and after enjoying the sun for a few hours we decided to head back to our site to get the fire going. Now because we were truly camping in a parking space, we needed to MacGyver up a fire pit, and apparently safety was a HUGE concern for me, because we ended up taking great precaution to ensure we didn’t start some enormous camp-wide fire. This included collecting a bag of sand, large rocks and a bag of gravel from the road to build our perfect fire pit. Now my friend made some serious magic happen putting everything together, and our fire pit ended up being legendary…please note:

Camping 4Camping 5

It lit right away, and we were off! Cooking up some chicken weiners (that kept rolling right off our skewers into the fire) for all of about 5 minutes before we were back to square one…freaking rain…

Camping 6Camping 7

Yup, that’s me holding an umbrella over the fire and likely subjecting myself to the first stages of carbon monoxide poisoning…nevertheless, I think we each got one hot dog down and obviously this was the perfect time to bust out our ample supply of fabulous camping drinks. Within a few hours we were greeted by our other friend who rolled in around 10pm, and we decided to hit up the campground’s Saturday night entertainment – an 80s dance party with a band called The Crimps.

I’ll skip through all the fun details, but let’s just say it was a great night and we made a bunch of new friends, danced our butts off and had a little karaoke sing-fest after the band closed up shop for the night. It was a seriously great time, and all three of us crashed hard from day 1 of camping!

Fast forward to Day 2 aka Sunday, which ended up being pretty dreamy…gorgeous blue skies, 6 hours at the beach, picnic lunch, drinkies, and hang time with our new friends. We spent hours in the water (let me just say Lake Erie has some crazy wave action happening!), and just really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. We were fed, we had shelter that didn’t collapse on us…we were really making things happen!

Camping 8

It was honestly a lot more of the same for the rest of the trip…we definitely had some terrible weather on Sunday night that required us to take refuge on the porch of one of our new friends’ trailers, but we didn’t let some crazy old rain and gale force winds phase us! No bigs, right?!

Camping 10

So yeah, great time, great friends, great NEW friends, so much laughing, many hashtags, we ate, we slept, we drank, we survived (in spite of no less than 5 people commenting on how LITTLE gear we had with us lol), and we are totally capable of rocking out a girls-only camping weekend!

The Verdict: This is something that will happen on the regular for years to come, I have no doubt. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s incredibly fun, and I think we impressed a lot of people with our mad female camping skills. Nothing says survival like camping in a resort with a restaurant, bar, bingo hall, general store, and full washrooms, right?! You might actually think it does if I’d taken the time to tell you about my Titanic-esque freezing cold shower…I’ll save that for another day…XO

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