Week 11 – Take a Yoga Class

Activity: Take a yoga class

Where: Soul Sessions in Hamilton

Cost: Your first class is free! After that it’s $49 per month or SPECIAL ALERT!! $100 for the Fall Session through December 31st!

The Story: Yoga (/ˈjɡə/; Sanskrit, Listen) is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in India. There is a broad variety of schools, practices and goals in Hinduism,Buddhism (particularly Vajrayana Buddhism) and Jainism. The best-known are Hatha yoga and Rāja yoga.

So a few months ago I was having a very delicious lunch with a friend at a local Hamilton restaurant on Locke Street, and our fabulous waitress mentioned that she had just started teaching a class at a new Hamilton yoga studio called Soul Sessions. I had already heard of the studio from another friend, and as I usually do when these coincidences occur, felt very strongly that the Universe was steering me to check this place out.

So as I mentioned, this was months ago, and I hadn’t followed up on going because I was busy, and am constantly in pain, and was scared to try a class alone, But on Tuesday last week I decided that I was going to text that fabulous waitress (please ask me how a scrap of paper with her cell number on it lasted in my house for months lol!) and ask her about coming to her class! She was so wonderful, and kind and told me that I would be welcomed with open arms, so I made a plan to go today (Monday) and check things out!

I don’t have any pictures from today, I’ll try to get some at my next class, but the studio is super conveniently located right near Jackson Square, and is about a 10 minute bus ride from my place which is perfection! The classroom space is bright, spacious and beautifully decorated, and you feel more like you’re taking a class in someone’s home than in a sterile room. I was welcomed so warmly by the studio’s owner Alicia and my new friend (and the class instructor) Amanda that I couldn’t help but feel right at home! And with their encouragement, my fears and insecurities about not being able to keep up dissipated, and I was able to relax and enjoy the class!

The class I took was called Soul Work, and it’s described on the website as “yoga movement with toning work, and great jams pumping in the background!” which is a pretty bang on description! It was super fun, incorporated dance, and tons of great yoga, stretching and core work. While there was a lot of mat work which made it a bit challenging with my arthritis, I loved the feel of everything, and Amanda totally kicked butt!! I was easily able (and encouraged!) to modify the routine as I needed, and so I made it my own and rocked it out 🙂

After my class ended, a dance class started and I got so excited watching it that I signed up for their incredibly priced Fall Pass on the spot!! 3 months of unlimited classes for $100 is pretty much UNHEARD of for yoga and dance studios, so I’m super excited to support a new business, especially one run by a woman!

The Verdict: Well, clearly I’m going to be a regular at Soul Sessions with my new pass lol, and I cannot wait to try out all the different classes they have available! There are ballet classes, dance fusion, hip hop, latin, and loads of yoga classes! I’m hoping that as I try out the dance classes, I will start to build my muscle strength up and have an easier time with the yoga poses that are currently a bit tougher for me with my disabled joints. I know I’ll continue to try in any case, and it sure feels great to put myself out there and get moving again!

baby_in_a_corner_pink_1024x1024 Try Again

A fresh start…

So, as I logged in to write this I noticed that my last blog post was exactly one month ago today…kind of appropriate I would say that I can celebrate my one-month anniversary of not writing by writing now.  I say celebrate because I’ve decided that with every milestone comes setbacks, and that beating myself up or feeling shame because I haven’t written is so counter-intuitive to this process that I just can’t allow myself to do it (to myself!). Now in the spirit of being real, I will say that I have TOTALLY been beating myself up and feeling shame for not writing which is probably why it’s taken me this long (and some gentle prodding from family and friends) to get back to it

I’ve decided that I’ll pick back up with weekly posts tomorrow when I write Week 11 about my amazing trip to Nashville to see my hero Brene Brown at the end of August, and then continue forward with this week’s activity aka Week 12. For tonight, I’m going to get a little feelings heavy and talk about how easily we can veer off the path to healing.

I thought the weekend I went away to Nashville was going to be a huge turning point in this divorce process for me. I was going to see my favourite author launch her incredible new book Rising Strong about getting up after we fall, and I thought nothing could be more relevant to what I’m going through. The weekend also happened to coincide with my 2 year wedding anniversary, and I totally thought I had it beat – how could I be sad when I was celebrating my rise from the ashes?!

Well, flash forward to actually dealing with the emotions that came with the anniversary, and the unbelievable authenticity and power that came from hearing Brene speak and I’ve been in a kind of emotional tailspin for the past 2 weeks. A tailspin that I haven’t been able to understand, put my finger on, pin down, etc. Just feeling sad, overwhelmed, at a standstill and not knowing how to move forward. This was a really hard fall for me, especially since I felt like I was riding really high coming back from Vegas and moving into August. It’s funny how we can be feeling SO good, and expect that an experience is going to move mountains for us, and then have things play out quite differently. All part of the process I’ve realized, but still hard hurdles to overcome over and over again. You just kind of wonder when things will just be easy, all the time. Okay, not ALL the time lol, but I’d happily settle for easy most of the time 🙂

So tonight I was in the shower thinking about how I was going to put off writing this post until tomorrow (again), and I suddenly started singing a song out loud in the shower…it was the strangest thing because I wasn’t even thinking about music, or this song (which coincidentally I haven’t heard in a long time, that I can remember anyways), and yet there it was – coming right out of my mouth (and yeah, for those of you wondering, I sounded pretty good haha). The words are so, so powerful and it just renewed so much faith and hope in me that I’m on the right path, that I dried off and came straight to the computer to write. Here’s the video…enjoy! I’m back baby, let the fun resume 🙂 XO