My growth game is strong…

So I love that my friends and family read my blog…I get so much great feedback from them, and ultimately, it gives them a glimpse into my head space. I’ve had a challenging week, and have struggled a bit with whether or not I wanted to share it here…I’ve decided that the answer to that question is a resounding NO, I do not lol. Having said that, I’ve got a great support system of people who lent an ear over the past week, and my dear friend Mrs. A sent me this amazing little message (see pic below) with these words attached “I really like it. Feel like it really relates to you, like exactly :)” a few days ago:


I honestly feel like getting this message AND having a friend say it reminded her of me, was the HUGEST compliment. In a week where I’ve been doubting so many of the decisions I’ve made over the past year, this simple image reminded me of how much I’ve grown over the 12 month journey that I’ve just taken, and that as we grow (especially through painful experiences) we become wiser and stronger and ready for the upcoming hurdles life will undoubtedly toss our way.

There’s something super reassuring about knowing that the person I am today is so different from the person I was a year ago…it gives me the confidence I need right now to make brave decisions, different choices and to stand in my strength and knowledge that those decisions and choices are the right ones for me. I have to say, I feel more powerful just writing that 😉

Here’s to amazing weeks ahead to savour, and bad weeks ahead to conquer. XO

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