A little Tuesday love…

Short and sweet tonight…I’m working on an actual post but am literally painting trim for a living these days in preparation for putting my house on the market next week. My right hand is basically disfigured at this point, but I’m pretty confident I could start a paint company and KILL it with the skills I’ve developed over the past few weeks lol 🙂 

So yeah, speaking of starting new things, I’ve been thinking a lot about BIG dreams over the past week and I’ve realized that I need to keep moving forward with passion in my heart and soul as I figure out where I’m heading next. On my to-do list this week:

1) read the book on turning your blog into a book that I picked up today;

2) reach out to the bloggers I know to research what makes them so successful; and

3) keep telling fear to fuck off every time it tries to tell me I’m better off being safe and comfortable. 

Easy right?! I’m alllllll over this!! Very excited to continue discovering the surprises 2016 seems to have around every corner for me ❤️ and to dance with my fear every step of the way! Up next…thoughts on what I’ll expect from the next (let’s face it, VERY lucky) man in my life…til then XO


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