Go big or go home…

So because I’m not busy enough running my own business, working part-time, travelling the globe and spending quality time with my friends and fam, I’ve decided to co-chair this year’s Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in my hometown with my bff Mrs. C. It’s funny how we can think we’re SO busy all the time, but the reality is that if we cut the fat from our lives (TV, phone usage. computer, etc.) we can find A LOT of spare time to do meaningful things!

My life has been touched by cancer, and the lives of many people I know and love have been touched by this disease as well. While I was away camping this weekend my friends and I found out that an old university friend who we had traveled with, and spent a ton of time with, has been diagnosed with an inoperable stage 4 brain tumour. The stark reality of her prognosis is so sobering. She is fighting, and participating in experimental treatments, but to see someone so young and vibrant struck down by this terrible disease is a reality check of our true vulnerability in life. Cancer does not discriminate, and it affects so many women around the world in so many different ways.

Taking on the co-chair role with Ovarian Cancer Canada is my chance to have a small voice in the fight against women’s cancers, and to spread awareness about the importance of regular check-ups with your doctor for early detection. We are going to put together the most amazing event to celebrate survivors, family members, and those who have been lost too soon. I’m so looking forward to this amazing collaboration, and will surely have lots to update you all on throughout the process! Another first for me, and a very important one at that.

If you’re interested in volunteering, participating or sponsorship, please click here or email me! We’d love to have you on board for this great adventure! XO

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walk of hopelove her occ

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