best day ever…

Well, I have to tell you that I am an emotional wreck as I type this blog post, both the last in my current forum and the first on my new website What a roller coaster ride the past two years have been, and to have it all culminate in this moment, is without a doubt the proudest moment of my life.

I’m riding high on a wave of self-love right now, and feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of love and support I’ve been blessed with by all of you over the past week (since my official business-launch announcement), and the entire two years since I launched my blog. To have it go live today as not only a blog, but also a podcast, a daily email service for the brokenhearted, and a workshop, is more than a dream come true – it is everything I’ve ever imagined for my life and more.

This operation: passion community that we’ve created exists to help other women heal, find joy again, and most importantly, rise from the ashes of their pasts into the beauty of self-love. I know my life’s purpose is to help others, and through this website I know that I will be able to do more of that than I ever imagined possible. I could not be more grateful for the life I’m living today, and of course, the experiences that brought me to this place, namely my divorce.

Please click here to check out the new and improved operation: passion community, and listen to the podcasts, subscribe to our newsletter and daily notes, and consider who you know that could benefit from my workshop. I am here to help, and I would love to do that for any woman you know who could use a little love and support during her breakup, or simply with discovering the joy of self-love. You believing in me enough to spread this message far and wide means the world to me.

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts and podcast episodes as operation: passion grows her wings and soars!

With so much love and light,

Heather xo

when your dreams come true…my business launch excitement ❤️

So I’ve got some MAJOR stuff happening over the next few days, and I think I’ve been hesitant about making it public, or posting about it here because, well, then it becomes real. Like if I tell you all that I’m launching my new business on April 4th, I’ve actually got to launch my new business on April 4th lol…holy accountability, right?! But I’ve decided that with big moves, needs to come big action, which means announcing the launch and getting even more freaking excited for it than I already am!

I always knew that I wanted to do something worthwhile with my life, but I became so complacent in the life I had with my ex that I forgot what it meant to have dreams. I kind of resigned myself to just letting life happen to me, and not making any steps or strides to live the life I’d always imagined. I had a flash bulb moment in a conversation with my ex at the very beginning of our end when he told me that I “just wasn’t a doer”…never mind that I had singlehandedly supported our family for 6 years, he couldn’t be with me anymore because I just wasn’t the kind of person to get things done. This not only upset me, infuriated me, and broke me, it also lit a fire under me the likes of which had never been lit before. At first, all I could think was HOW DARE YOU, and that quickly shifted to I’LL SHOW YOU. Now, that ‘revenge motivation’ eventually faded into meaningful determination, and I decided that I needed to revisit my dreams, and figure out a way to make them a reality!

Enter in an idea for a blog in May of 2015 that stemmed from being determined to fill my nights with something other than wallowing about my divorce, and less than two years later I’m launching that blog into an amazing business that will help women struggling through breakups and divorce find their own path to passion and self-love! On Tuesday, April 4th I will launch and, which will both direct you to my new, gorgeously incredible website (Prestige Digital has been the most amazing company to work with throughout this six month process!) where you will find an abundance of resources! These will include:

My blog, operation: passion, of course;

My new podcast Confessions of the Brave & Brokenhearted in which I chat with amazing women about overcoming their breakups and discovering self-love;

An email service called Notes from the Bright Side to give you (or a friend!) a daily boost of love (for a year!) when you’re going through the most challenging time of your life; and

My workshop series How to Rock Your Breakup, which will provide a step-by-step guide to rising above your breakup and finding self-love in a six week course (first series begins in Hamilton on May 2nd, which you can already register for by clicking here!)!

So yeah, CRAZY, right?! The excitement and passion I feel in my soul as I write this is truly unparalleled with anything I’ve ever felt before. For the first time in my life I KNOW I’m on the right path, creating the life of my dreams, and building a community for women to find safety, love, support and inspiration during the hardest times of their lives. This is not to say I’m not terrified, because I am…of failure, of not being enough, of not knowing what I’m doing, but fear is no longer something that I allow to control my life!

Stay tuned for the annoying countdown that will ensue over the next 5 days, and please feel free to spread the word about what I’m doing to anyone you feel may benefit from it! Your support and encouragement is going to be invaluable over the coming months, and I count myself incredibly blessed to have people like you in my life to support me in making my dreams come true! Until next week, XO

Can self love withstand…love?

I cannot believe that it’s February 20th, and I’m just now writing my first post of the month!! To say I’ve been busy is an understatement, but that’s not the real reason I’ve stepped away from writing this month.  I honestly just haven’t felt like sharing I guess, or maybe I don’t understand some of the things I’ve been feeling, so instead of writing it out (which is what I’m used to doing), I just kind of clammed up. I decided it was time to force myself back in front of the keyboard tonight, so here we go…

I feel like I have been given some tests this month, the Universe bringing some people from my past back around, checking to see if I’ve learnt my lessons and if I’m really ready to move into the next stage of my life.  This probably sounds all kind of crazy to some of you, but I’m a firm believer that whatever guides you (God, the Universe, Mother Earth, Infinite Spirit, etc.) will bring you the same situations on repeat until you learn the lessons you’re meant to learn. Perhaps this is why I’ve basically had the same relationship three times over since I was a teenager (with different fellas of course), all with the same outcome – infidelity, unhappiness, staying in the relationship for far longer than I should have, not being able to be the one to walk away, and the list goes on. It isn’t until recently that all the pieces have kind of fallen together in this puzzle that is my past, or I guess I’m just finally seeing it clearly now, and it’s definitely got me determined to do things very differently moving forward. So, lesson learned, right?!

That’s the hope, but I still feel so much fear surrounding this…the idea of getting into a new relationship, losing myself again, letting go of my passions, letting my new business sink, forgetting who I am.  These thoughts have been creeping into my mind regularly this month (thank you Valentine’s Day!), and I question the strength and self love and stability I’ve created in my world since my ex-husband left – is it strong enough to withstand…love? New love, the take-your-breath-away-can’t-take-my-hands-off-you-want-to-spend-every-minute-together kind of love that is pretty much inevitable when you start dating that new special someone. I don’t know, and I’ve realized (well honestly, maybe re-realized lol) after a month of some heavy soul-searching, that that’s okay.

Being in a relationship is the end goal for some (okay, many) people, but my end goal right now is so brightly, shiningly, unquestioningly about ME that I can barely contain my excitement! Sometimes we get steered off the path we know we’re supposed to take, or question ourselves and our limits and desires, but I know (I KNOW) that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be right now. I’ve got so much good on the horizon surrounding my new business venture (stay tuned for a launch next month, and check out the sneak peek in my pic above!!), I’m finally following my dreams and living my passions without apology, and I’m learning how to love myself in a way I never knew was possible. It is beautiful, and scary, and messy, and exciting, and so much more than I ever dreamed for myself. My heart is bursting as I write this, my friends, because this is the work in progress that is me, no apologies. Be sure to stay tuned for all the upcoming excitement for operation:passion – your support will be invaluable and I am already grateful for it! XO